Have a Minor Crack in Your Windshield?

How Does a Windshield Repair Service Fix Cracks?


When repairing a cracked windshield, the vehicle’s owner will have to purchase a windshield repair kit, this will have resin to repair the crack, in addition to all the required  tools needed to apply it. The owner needs to use the tool across the crack, in addition to suction cups to ensure it is kept in place. Then, they will need to fill in the crack using the  clear resin and leave it to properly cure. Once this is dry, the owner will then remove the tool and see if the crack is less prominent. If the crack is still just as prominent, then simply repeat the process until the crack is not so visible.

These repair kits only work on minor cracks, in addition to minor dents and holes also on the windshield. Bigger cracks will never disappear, no matter how many times they are treated. The best way to repair a deep or long crack, or one which will not respond to a treatment, is to take it to a professional windshield repair service and get them to have a look at it, sometimes the only course of action is to have the entire windshield replaced.

To begin fixing a cracked windshield, first remove all loose glass and debris that is within the crack. A razor blade will work to gently scrape out the crack. The windshield  is then  washed to remove any loose glass shards. Then, remove all the tools from your kit, to fix your cracked windshield, always remember to carefully read the instructions, as each kit will slightly differ from one another. The primary tool, along with the suction cups, is positioned over a crack, ensuring the crack is visible when you look through the center of the tool.

Once in position and attached, apply the resin into the hole. The kit could also have other tools to apply the resin, plus remove any air bubbles once the resin is applied. To complete the repair, leave your car in a warm and dry place, then simply sit back and wait for the resin to cure properly.

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