Are Your Headlights Starting to Fog up or Have Water in Them?

Headlight Restoration Tips for DIY Enthusiasts


Damage within a headlight’s lens

If there is any damage on the inside, you will start to notice condensation, which is due to moisture. If this is the case, you must drain the moisture.


Traditional glass cleaner

A household glass cleaner does have ammonia inside, this will cause the plastic to go yellow and must never be used on a headlight restoration project.



It is always recommended that one first tests hand polishing, to see if it improves the clarity of your cars headlights. Toothpaste, which is meant to remove tartar, can be used on a small area of your headlight; if that area becomes clearer, then carry on using the toothpaste; however, if this does not work, then you will need to sand them in order to restore your headlights.


Deoxidizer for headlights

Previously, glass was used to manufacture headlights; however, due to the fact plastic is much less expensive, it has subsequently replaced glass. Pollutants, UV rays and debris can all cause the oxidization of headlights, this gives them a hazy and discoloured look. However, this can sometimes be solved using a headlight deoxidizer, as it will be able to remove the oxidation, in addition to increasing your night vision. Another benefit is your car will look good too, and this could increase the resale value of your car.


Shaded Area

It’s always advisable to perform headlight restoration in shaded areas or within your garage. Plus, allow your car to cool down if you have recently driven it, and your headlights must be at room temperature.


Wash your headlights

Your headlights must be clean before you begin working on them. Wash them using soapy water, then rinse and dry using a clean dry towel.


Sanding your headlights

Once you have cleaned your headlights, sand them down, making sure not to damage the paint which surrounds them. The sandpaper must be first soaked in water as this will ensure it is softer. Plus, never sand in circles, always go in straight lines. Once you have finished the sanding, wipe them down with a clean towel. Making sure you do not reuse  towels, as this will cause more damage to your headlights surface.

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